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At some point along the trail, there is a bench or covered shelter, usually at a view point or at the end of the trail for resting.

Cowiee Creek Trail Hike 7-14-2013

Pretty dry. The wet part is still under water. No snow. A few bugs. No new bear sign. MapMy Hike trail time and info This time I wore my Extra Tuffs. Bad idea. Don’t hike 6 miles in them with … Continue reading

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Herbert Glacier Bike Ride 6/30/2013

Trail conditions were dry. No snow. Bugs when we stopped. Old bear poo on the trial. MapMyRide time and trial¬†information for this ride Herbert Glacier information page The trail was super awesome today! Even though it was a grueling 70 … Continue reading

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Perseverance Trail Hike 6/28/2013

Dry ground conditions. No snow. Few bugs. No bear sign. Found a baby chick randomly on the trail alone. MapMyHike time and trail info for this hike Perseverance Trail information page Perseverance is a wonderful trail, and one I love … Continue reading

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