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Thunder Mountain Summit 6/14/15

“I’m not going to say ‘I’m sorry’ anymore for being slow, but I will say ‘thank you’ for letting me go my own pace”. There are some mountains in Juneau that are good ole standby peaks: Mt Juneau, Jumbo, Eaglecrest…. … Continue reading

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Dan Moller Cabin to Eaglecrest Bush Bashing Expedition 5/25/15

“I know exactly where we are, we just aren’t exactly where I want us to be.” There are hikes that you plan in your mind for years; as you sit on one mountain, you look longingly at another possibility and … Continue reading

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Sheep Creek Trail, Failed Attempt for Camp 6 on Sheep Mountain 4/25/15

As the sun shines and the snow sneaks up the mountain, it’s time to hit up the mountain trails and see what the snow pack is up to! Sheep Creek trail is a very pretty trial to hike. The first … Continue reading

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