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Dan Moller Cabin to Eaglecrest Bush Bashing Expedition 5/25/15

“I know exactly where we are, we just aren’t exactly where I want us to be.” There are hikes that you plan in your mind for years; as you sit on one mountain, you look longingly at another possibility and … Continue reading

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Cowiee Creek Trail Hike 7-14-2013

Pretty dry. The wet part is still under water. No snow. A few bugs. No new bear sign. MapMy Hike trail time and info This time I wore my Extra Tuffs. Bad idea. Don’t hike 6 miles in them with … Continue reading

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Dan Moller Cabin Hike 6/24/2013

Dry ground conditions. Clear of snow. No bugs. No bear sign. MapMyHike time and trail info for this hike Dan Moller Cabin information page The muskeg pods are almost a solid liquid, which is odd for us living in a … Continue reading

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