Cowiee Creek Trail Hike 7-14-2013

  • Pretty dry. The wet part is still under water.
  • No snow.
  • A few bugs.
  • No new bear sign.

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This time I wore my Extra Tuffs. Bad idea. Don’t hike 6 miles in them with low socks. Got blisters on both of my Achilles tendons. Lame. AND, the trail wasn’t even wet. I mean, the ‘wet part’ is still wet, but the ‘normal’ part of the trial wasn’t. So, my feet were hot and sweaty, I got blisters, and destroyed in insoles for no reason. Sigh. O well.

 The Fireweed was in full bloom, and it was amazing out. I highly recommend this trail if you have a few hours and want to just get out and enjoy the sun!

(Pictures to come, sorry for the delay)


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