Du Pont Trail Hike 7/10/13

  • Mostly dry with some muddy spots.
  • No snow.
  • The no-see-ums were out at the beach, and a few spots along the trail, but nothing to worry about.
  • There was no bear sign. Saw some deer tracks.

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The trail was pretty dry. There were only a few spots where it was muddy, but if you are careful to walk on the rocks, you don’t get your feet wet. It was nice to see the sun, and the dappled light was beautiful and an appreciated break from the gray rain. We only saw one other hiker along the trail, and one biker when we got to the end. I don’t think she biked very far, as the trail isn’t really good for that.


Du Pont 005



Du Pont 007


Du Pont 008


Du Pont 010

Love this tree.

Du Pont 013

One of the bridges. This would make a nice place for pictures.

Du Pont 017

One of the larger creeks over the trail.


Du Pont 027

This boardwalk was a little slanted, so be careful if it’s wet.

Du Pont 028

There are quite a fe little creeks that run over the trail.

Du Pont 032

“The wet spot”.

Du Pont 034

You are along the shore line the whole way, and at one point you can get down to th beach.


Du Pont 038

The marker at the end of the trail. See, not even 2 miles one way.

Du Pont 040

This is the only steep part, and it’s about 15 feet.


Du Pont 041

The view of the cove at the end of the trial.


Du Pont 047

These tress make a nice place to sit.


Du Pont 060


Du Pont 064

Du Pont 082

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