Mt Juneau Hike 7-16-2013

  • Mostly dry trail.
  • No Snow.
  • Almost no bugs. Big flies near the top though.
  • No bear sign.

We took a slow pace up Mt. Juneau. Taking many stops, we made it up and back in 6 hours, almost exactly.

The trail is about a foot wide, with mountain on one side, and a sharp drop off on the other. We waited until it hadn’t rained for a few days before going, because the trail is mostly a dirt path. It’s a nice, well maintained dirt path, probably one of the nicest in Juneau, but it can still be slippery when wet.

Trail Mix had improved the trail greatly over the years, and is planning on doing more work soon.

The trail starts off the Perseverance Trail.


The trail goes through woods and open spots off and on, until you run out of trees.


You will have a view of Juneau off and on. There are a few spots where the trail splits, and goes to a lookout over the town. These are near sharp drop offs, so as always, be careful.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 153

When there are no more trees, this is the view along the trail for the most part. There is so much vegetation, it’s hard to see the trail ahead of you some times.


There are a few water falls to cross, with no bridges. If your shoes are not waterproof, you will get wet.


As you get to the top, the switchbacks lengthen, and get a little more rocky.


Some of the best views of downtown Juneau are before you get to the top. The top is not a point, but sort of flat with a few different ‘bumps,’ but they can’t see down the mountain as well as the last few hundred feet of the trail can.


More downtown Juneau.


The trail near the top. We saw a goat. It was white.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 160

You can see the tram on Mt. Roberts.

 Mt Juneau, Peterson 200

On top.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 170

A view back along the ridge behind Mt. Juneau. There is a trail back down into the basin the goes along this ridge. Maybe a different day, I’ll do that one too.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 178

Looking at the airport and Auke Bay. It was smoky because of the fires in Canada. On a clear day, we would have been able to see farther.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 181   

If you get close to the edge, you can still see the town, but it was easier along the trail.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 202

There is still some stuff from the tram they where planning at the top.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 207

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