Herbert Glacier Bike Ride 6/30/2013

  • Trail conditions were dry.
  • No snow.
  • Bugs when we stopped.
  • Old bear poo on the trial.

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The trail was super awesome today! Even though it was a grueling 70 out, the trees provide some shade along the trial. It wasn’t windy out, so the bugs were a little obnoxious when we stopped. At the alluvial fan where the river runs by the trail, it was a little more buggy. But it was hilarious to watch Kiska try to catch the flies that were landing on her. Doc didn’t seem to mind and just leaned in for more head rubs.

The parking lot was full when we got there, so we parked along the road. We saw a few people walking, and at a few spots we saw bikes laid along the trial but with no people. We could hear dogs farther up the trial than where we stopped at the river, so all-in-all we saw at least a dozen people.

Herbert 056

I don’t know the history of this old car, but it is the sign that we are close to the end.

Herbert 009

There is a lake around mile 3 with a bench. It’s nice for the dogs to be able to cool off on hot days.

Herbert 053

Doc running to catch up.

Herbert 043

When the trail goes by the river towards the end.

Herbert 036

This is the only part of the trial I walk my bike. It is pretty narrow, and the river is pretty fast along here.

Herbert 040

Tamsen walking her bike.

Herbert 033

A nice spot to stand the bikes.

Herbert 019

The group at the start of the alluvial fan and the little ‘rest stop’, ‘photo-op’ area.

Herbert 027

Doc getting some rubs.

Herbert 028

This is the best view of the whole glacier. Over time, we can really tell how the river has changed. We used to be able to walk out on the sand, but now the river swings too wide so we can’t.

Herbert 029

The river’s edge is right along the look out.

Herbert 061

Some people out for a walk on the trial.

Herbert 071

She was a tired puppy.


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