Sheep Creek Trail 7/1/2031

  • Trail was a river. Literally.
  • No snow. It would have been washed away.
  • It was raining too hard for bugs.
  • No bear sign, they were staying out of the rain. And no bear eyeshine at 2am either.

Well, this hike turned into a cluster real fast. Long story short, a dog ran away and we were at the trail until 2am looking for him. For those of you that aren’t familiar with Sheep Creek, the first mile-ish is pretty much a 60 degree angle up. At some point, you just hike on your toes because it’s too much of a strain to get your heels down. There are some switch backs, but it’s still pretty steep. And for the part that isn’t straight up, it is a giant drop off into a raging river – Sheep Creek. So, where the dog ran away was pretty sketchy had he ran down the hillside. But, luckily, he got turned into the pound so the next day after searching all night, I got a phone call to go pick him up. Thank you random citizen!!

But, the actual trail is about a mile of straight up, then it levels off into the valley, then at the end it climbs up the ridge. We only made it to the top of the steep part. But, I was pretty impressed that it took me only 18 minutes to get to the ‘top’. My arms dealer friend was hiking with us, and he set a pretty good pace. What is it with old guys and being wicked fast hikers? Geeze. So, I took a picture of the river that was the trail, and even Ed commented on how he had never seen the trail so wet. O well. What a night to lose a dog.

Sheep Cree, Fireworks 2013 003

See the river? Yep, that’s the trail.


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  1. Brittany says:

    Arms dealer? Sounds like some shady stuff going on up there.

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