Mt Roberts Tram Hike 6/29/2013

  • Mostly dry, but some thick mud. A little bit of water over the trail in a few places.
  • No snow.
  • Few bugs, but ok if you keep going. Bugs were BAD at the tram while waiting for the rest of the group.
  • No bear sign.

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Whew. Met at the trail head at 7am this morning. Today was the ‘cops on top’ memorial hike. So there was quite a large group of us. My usual hiking group was in attendance, and they were super excited to have such a large turn out. The large group naturally separated into smaller groups, and we were the leader of the pack. Mac is an amazing hiker, and he is wicked fast. Part of the way he set the pace, and the other part I did. (Most of the hike consisted of remarks on how ‘old man’ hikers put us young pups to shame.)

I told Sherrie that I liked the ‘flat’ parts of the trail, then she asked ‘what flat parts?!’ to which I responded “flat-er” parts. This trail is solid switch-backs, so though you gain a lot of elevation over a short distance, it is more hiker friendly than a straight up trudge – like Eaglecrest….

The goal was to go to the summit, but after my long week of hikes, and waking up so early for this hike, I just wasn’t into summiting Roberts today. We did go past the tram and all met at the cross for a group picture (see below).

We were at the tram before any of the tourists really showed up, so it was nice to have it to ourselves. But geeze the bugs moved in fast! Good thing Matthew and Sherrie had bug dope. I put it on twice while standing by the Juneau Raptor Center eagle enclosure waiting for the rest of the group. But like most trails, once you get going, the little pests have a hard time keeping up and eventually you ‘out walk’ them.

It was cloudy today, but I was really happy for the not blazing sun. We still had good views of the valley, and the mountains across on Douglas. Ya, it would have been nice if it had been partly cloudy, so we had at least some blue sky, but with the snow still present past the cross there could have been a lot of reflection.

Mac, Ken, Kim and a few others continued on to summit Roberts. I really want to do the Gold Ridge, Gastineau peak and Roberts peak. But today it just would have been too much. Maybe next weekend. When summiting, you need to bring plenty of water, food, and gear for changing weather. Plus, I left Kiska’s dog food and water bowl at home. On long hikes, please don’t forget about your furry friends. If you get super hungry, chances are they probably want a bit to eat too.

Mt Roberts Tram 034 touched

When you come up from Basin Road, you meet the 6th street access.

Mt Roberts Tram 031 touched

Coming down, you will see the sign and where the Basin road access cuts off. Matthew and Sherrie are on the Basin road trial, whereas Brent is standing where you would be when coming down the trial.

Mt Roberts Tram 027 touched


Mt Roberts Tram 028 touched

There are quite a few benches along the way.

Mt Roberts Tram 029 touched

The switch-backs.

Mt Roberts Tram 019 touched

Matthew and Sherrie past the tram but not quite to the cross.

Mt Roberts Tram 003 touched

The view from past the tram.

Mt Roberts Tram 005 touched

I like to hike with a ‘motivational’ beer. 🙂

Mt Roberts Tram 015 touched

The ‘cops on top’ memorial group.

Mt Roberts Tram 017 touched 

My older brother Matthew and I. 


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