Perseverance Trail Hike 6/28/2013

  • Dry ground conditions.
  • No snow.
  • Few bugs.
  • No bear sign. Found a baby chick randomly on the trail alone.

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Perseverance is a wonderful trail, and one I love to do frequently. Because the sun sets behind Mt Juneau, it can be in the shade during the afternoon. But for the recent crazy whether we have been having, it’s nice to hike in the shade.

The bugs aren’t bad, but they were around today. Hiking in just my Under Armor shorts and my SmartWool light weight top, I was plenty warm. I brought my trekking poles, but never used them. I brought two Nalgenes of water, but didn’t even finish one. I thought that it would be hotter than it was, but hiking in part-shade made it not too toasty.

Kiska has a favorite puddle she always wades in, and I was happy to see that even with all the hot whether, it was still there for her to cool off in today.

Perseverance 008 touched

I like the juxtaposition of the flower and the barren rock.

Perseverance 002 touched

When you first start out.

Perseverance 077 touched

On the far right you can see Matt in the red shirt, Sherrie in the blue shirt, and Tracy in the black shirt. This gives you an idea of the drop-off along this part of the trial at the beginning.

Perseverance 024 touched

So I found this baby bird on the trail, because I almost stepped on it. Not sure why it was all alone… But we put it off the trail so dogs and bikes wouldn’t find it. It wasn’t there on the way back, so I am going to tell myself that it’s mother found it.

Perseverance 029 touched

Matthew said it was ‘free dog food’. What a brat. When I actually held it down for Kiska to smell, she jumped back and wouldn’t come near me. Yep, that’s my dog.

Perseverance 031 touched

This is what most of the trail looks like.

Perseverance 040 touched

A nice photo-op.

Perseverance 056 touched

The ‘end’ of the trail is here, where the river washed out the bridge. Though I have seen people wade through the water and continue on, I’m not one of them.

Perseverance 065 touched

From the ‘end’ of the trail looking back the way we came.


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