Ptarmigan Lift Eaglecrest Hike 6/27/13

  • Gravel road was dry.
  • No snow conditions.
  • A few bugs, but kept moving.
  • No bear sign. Saw a fox and heard a Marmot.

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Eagle Crest information page

The last time I was up Eaglecrest, the dogs and I were defend by thunder, which was unfortunate and cut our hike short. But this time we were back to normal SE AK weather! The clouds were high, and the road was dry. Just the way I like it!

Ptarmagin Lift 001 touched

Once you get up higher, there is still snow around. But the road is clear the whole way.

Ptarmagin Lift 040 touched

A ‘selfie’ at the top.

Ptarmagin Lift 048 touched

Just as you leave the top, this is the view you get.

Ptarmagin Lift 027 touched

Looking down on Juneau from the top.

Ptarmagin Lift 009 touched

Croply lake from Ptarmigan lift.

Ptarmagin Lift 007 touched

At the lift, you are looking out over West Bowl. This is the ridge line that people hike.

Ptarmagin Lift 051 touched

One of the views of the East Bowl looking down on it.

Ptarmagin Lift 005 touched

As the trail falls over the edge.


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  1. Brittany says:

    I love that you started this! Keep it up!

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