10 mi. Valley and Glacier Bike Ride 8/1/2013

  • Dry pavement.
  • No snow.
  • A few bugs.
  • No bear sign.

MapMy Ride time and trail information for this ride

Brotherhood Bridge Trail info

Started out on Brotherhood Bridge trail again. It’s about 2 miles to the end, through the woods along the river. It’s a nice trail to ride, with only one hill in the middle. On our way, we rode through the campground near Mendenhall Lake.


Then we rode out to Skaters Cabin. You have a nice view of the lake from there.


On our way to the glacier, we took a little trip on a trail we don’t go on, and remembered why we don’t go on it. It ends (for us) at quite a few stairs. On the up side, there was a nice little pond in the woods there too.


After our woods side trip, we got to the glacier. Good news, it’s still there.



Even the visitor center looks good on a good day.


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