Mt Robert Tram Meander Hike 7-31-2013

  • Dry trail.
  • No snow.
  • Bugs were bad if you stopped.
  • No bear sign. Marmots and Ptarmigans. 

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We wanted to go someplace sunny, as it is supposed to get cloudy this weekend. We went after work (no, didn’t take time off today like yesterday), so we didn’t have enough time to summit Gastineau. Instead, we just started at the bottom, hiked up until we felt like turning around, then trammed it back down.

We actually made it to where the para-gliders launch from, so that was pretty cool. Looking at it now, I can’t really tell you how far up we were. But, for an after-work hike, it was pretty nice. There wasn’t much wind up there, so it was still pretty hot. It was nice to hike in the trees for about half of the way.

I got Kiska a “Pooch Pass” for the tram this summer, and this was our second time using it. It turns out that dogs are only allowed to ride down the tram, and only after 6. When I bought Kiska’s pass (PS, they also take their picture), they never said anything about either of those things, so I was kind of bummed. But, for $25, I guess I can’t complain. 


(There WILL be pictures soon. Matt told me I either need to do less work, or less hiking because I’m too busy hiking to upload pictures. Considering I took time off work yesterday, I don’t think I’m going to do less hiking. I just need a solid amount of time with a tired dog and some quiet. Saturday?)


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  1. Brittany says:

    Must be nice to have time to take off work to go hiking. Are you hiring? ;p

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