Mt Jumbo Hike 7-30-2013

  • Trail was mostly dry. Just a little mud.
  • No snow that we had to cross.
  • The flies were annoying when you stopped. At the top there was a breeze.
  • No bear sign except for one little pile of poo that was way old.

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Well, after Sheep, this trail didn’t seem too terribly bad. But compared to Juneau, it was way more of a scramble. I brought my trekking poles, but it was just so steep, that it wasn’t really practical to use them. Going up, there were some big steps, but there are a lot of trees and roots that you can grab a hold of and use to pull yourself up. Coming down I sat or squatted to get closer to the ground for most of it. Plus, I really didn’t want to fall. The way down is a total knee killer. If it wasn’t so hot out, I would have tapped. But when it’s this hot out, the tape just sweats off. In the future, know that if you have knee issues, you may want to pop some Advil at the top.

We started at around 2.30pm, and that was perfect. It was nice and cool in the shade, but when we got to the top with it’s lack of trees it was pretty toasty. The saddle was clear of snow for us, but I guess this time last year it was still covered. There are quite a few little ‘photo trails’ that can be confused for the trail, but they dead end pretty quick, and usually at a nice view – so it’s not all bad to take them.

When we got towards the top, we passed a group who had a Bischon. I was impressed to see a ‘little’ dog up there, but I guess the little guy summits peaks regularly. At the legit top there was a group of women leaving with three Aussies, and they said their bigger dogs didn’t have a problem getting up the scramble. I wonder if they had to carry or help the little dog at all. Either way, way to go dogs!

Now that I have done both Jumbo and Juneau, I think Jumbo has the better views. Totally worth the scramble up.

Mt Jumbo 002

Mt Jumbo 006

Mt Jumbo 008

Mt Jumbo 009

Mt Jumbo 011

Mt Jumbo 014

Mt Jumbo 015

Mt Jumbo 018

Mt Jumbo 020

Mt Jumbo 021

Mt Jumbo 023

Mt Jumbo 026

Mt Jumbo 028

Mt Jumbo 032

Mt Jumbo 034

Mt Jumbo 035

Mt Jumbo 038

Mt Jumbo 040

Mt Jumbo 049

Mt Jumbo 050

Mt Jumbo 051

Mt Jumbo 055

Mt Jumbo 056

Mt Jumbo 059

Mt Jumbo 061

Mt Jumbo 068

Mt Jumbo 071

Mt Jumbo 077

Mt Jumbo 078

Mt Jumbo 083

Mt Jumbo 092

Mt Jumbo 097

Mt Jumbo 126

Mt Jumbo 129

Mt Jumbo 130

Mt Jumbo 133

Mt Jumbo 154

Mt Jumbo 171

Mt Jumbo 173

Mt Jumbo 202


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