Mt Robert Tram, Gastineau Peak and Gold Ridge 8/2/2013

  • Dry trail.
  • A little snow to walk on, near the top.
  • Bugs were bad in the trees, and when the wind died.
  • No bear sign. Marmots and Ptarmigans.

MapMy Hike time and trail info

It was a nice day, so we went hiking. To cut the first and last hr off our hike, we took the Mt. Robers Tram up the mountain. It goes from sea level, literally on the pier, to about 1800 ft.


The ride up is only about 5 min, and give a bit of a view of downtown Juneau.


From the tram we headed up. The trail in the trees isn’t too bad, but as you are getting out of them, up to the cross, the bugs are bad. After that, they calm down, and the trail opens up.


As you go up, you can clearly see (hard to see in the phone taken picture) the path on Mt. Juneau, which has been improved this and last summer quite a bit.


Near the top of Gastineau Peak, the trail gets a little thin.



From the top you can see quite a ways. Douglas Island, downtown, and into the valley. Even south down the channel quite a ways.


From there, we hiked back to Gold Ridge, and out onto that, just to see.


Mostly, more mountains. The one farthest to the right was the one we were on. The next peak to the left is Roberts Peak, then Sheep Mountain, then Clark Peak.


On the way down, we saw another paragliding person. They must have so much fun.


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