Peterson Lake Cabin Trail 7-20-2013

  • Mostly dry. Just a little mud.
  • No snow.
  • A few bugs. No need for bug dope – brought mine, didn’t use it.
  • No bear sign, but Kiska found a toad.

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Recently they have brought in a bunch of new gravel at the beginning. It’s probably the first mile-ish that has been improved. The trail had a few muddy spots, and when the trail isn’t boardwalk, it’s kind of rooty. So, you need to pay attention to where you put your feet. I slipped on the wet roots a few times, but never fell.

The cabin at the end is on a beautiful lake. There is a boat tied to the dock, and they even have some life jackets hanging at the cabin. The outhouse is pretty nice, but I still prefer to pee behind it. Outhouses just creep me out. And, the last time I was there, Kiska managed to pull the door open, came in, smelled me, then walked out – WITH THE DOOR WIDE OPEN! What a brat.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 231

Chicken of the Wood

Mt Juneau, Peterson 249

There is some cotton along the way. There are a few little open meadows along the boardwalk.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 267

A muddy spot.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 261

Kiska ran around this one in the winter. The snow gets built up a lot and it was a pretty skinny trail, so she ran down and around.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 253

This is a pretty nice bridge. There are really only these two.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 284

Brought Kiska’s lunch as well. I love my REI dog food bowl. It has a draw string close, and it’s collapsible.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 291

“Planes Only”… The other side of the dock said “Boats Only”.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 305

Selfie 🙂

Mt Juneau, Peterson 300

Lunch. The “Chicken a la King with noodles” was a little disappointing in the fact that, growing up in Alaska, I thought there would be king salmon. There wasn’t. But overall, the Mountain House meal was AMAZING! O, and my Butterfinger while we waited. That was good too.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 337

The toad Kiska found on the trail.


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