Lower Alpine Eaglecrest Loop Trail 7-21-2013

  • Pretty soggy.
  • No snow.
  • No bugs.
  • No bear sign.

So for those of you who cross country ski up at Eaglecrest, you know that there is a lower loop that they set a nice track. Dogs aren’t allowed there, and in the winter it is a pretty nice track.

So, I wanted to walk it this summer. Did you know the trail doesn’t really exist? Ya, I didn’t. They must just make it up every year. There isn’t actually any boardwalk or dirt trail they follow. We walked along for a while, following what I thought was the trail, but it was actually the start of the Treadwell Ditch trail. Once the nice wide dirt part went into the woods and over a bridge, I knew we weren’t going the same way I did that one time. And once the nice wide trail turned into a tiny little dirt trail in the woods along a river, I knew we weren’t going the same way.

So, we walked back, and followed the boardwalk. Turns out that also isn’t the way. We ran into a lady walking her dog and she said that the boardwalk just kept going then ended. So, we turned around again and walked up to the wide dirt path to the Eaglecrest lodge.

It turned into a bit of an adventure, and a bit of wandering, and a lot of not really knowing where exactly we were going. But, it was a fun adventure nonetheless.

Lower Alpine Loop 003

Starting off on the gravel path.

Lower Alpine Loop 004

Being a dork. What can I say?

Lower Alpine Loop 007

Though it doesn’t go where we thought, this is a nice trail.

Lower Alpine Loop 001

Just love the one that is in fall colors.

Lower Alpine Loop 018

The trail got a little more ‘trail’ and less ‘path’ at this point.

Lower Alpine Loop 022

There was a bench to sit on.

Lower Alpine Loop 009

So, when you cross-country ski it, you never cross a bridge. This was one of many signs that we were on a different trail.

Lower Alpine Loop 014

Slower shutter speed.

Lower Alpine Loop 019

When Cheryl and I got to this, we weren’t walking across it. This is kind of the ‘start’ of the Treadwell Ditch trail. Kiska ran across no problem.

Lower Alpine Loop 023

This was another trail option on our way back, but it went into the woods with tall foliage and we didn’t want to get that wet. Again, another sign that it wasn’t the same trail.

Lower Alpine Loop 027

A muskeg pond.

Lower Alpine Loop 030

Dogwood among the rocks.

Lower Alpine Loop 033

A daisy with water. Just a cool pic.


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