If Only it Were 30 Degrees Warmer…

I’m sure everyone has had a moment where they look outside at the 33 degrees of gentle drizzle or the 35 degrees of straight downpour on the no longer totally frozen grass in the front yard, and wished it was either 3 degrees cold and snowing, or 30 degrees warmer and more tolerable to be raining.

And I have found myself there again this week.

Part of having Kiska in my life, is that she requires daily exercise, and she is not content for just a ‘walk around the block’. Every morning we throw the ball for at least 10 minutes before work, I come home at lunch and we walk a mile out the wetlands trail chasing the ball and all the wonderful smells wafting on the wind, after work we go for between 3 and 4 miles on a trail (either walking or running), and then before bedtime we burn off the last of her energy with a few more ball throws and our last call potty break. So to say I spend a lot of time outside is a very true statement. So to be constantly subjected to this pitiful raining-just-at-freezing is really wearing this girl down. Kiska could care less. Lucky her.

It also makes some aspects of adventuring a bit more of a burden. Because it is raining, and sometimes windy, you want to wear your warm winter wool, but then you realize that you will be exerting energy and it’s actually not freezing. So then you are in the viscous cycle of wearing enough to stay warm in the rain, but knowing that because it’s warm out you are just going to sweat anyways. #FirstWorldProblems

But, part of living in Alaska is that we don’t let the rain slow us down. We put on our wool, lace up our shoes, and follow the wagging tail out there.



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