So Many Adventures, So Little Beer

As this week of sun has rolled along, I have been left with my first tan lines of the season (Go-go-gadget hiking boot tan lines!), and a noticeable lack of beer. I have been in such a rush to get home, to get packed and grab the dog, to get outside and relax, that I have actually been forgetting to bring along a trail beer. Oh well, I guess my hips aren’t complaining, even if my lips are.

The week of rushing to relax started last Friday after work as we packed and headed out to the Windfall Cabin that I rented back in December. I may as well have closed my eyes and prayed for good weather when I picked the date, but maybe saving that moth just cashed in my Karma bank. But holy smokes, I could not have asked for a better day. The sun was high, the temps were still in the mid-hot acceptable range for us sensitive Alaskan’s.  We hike to the cabin and got set up, to then head down to the dock and enjoy the first cabin trip of the summer. I have decided to pursue the Renascence Man ideals, and to get back into the various studies: art, science, literature, history, maybe some psychology, but please no math. *hangs head in shame* So, when Tamsen and I are adventuring, we bring our art and we get back into colorful expression.



Something about my very few traditions, is that my wonderful (fake) sister Lauralye started the amazing ritual of making a “100’s list” every year. Think of it like a resolution, only things you actually want to do when you are waking up with glitter and split beer on you from New Year’s eve. It’s a list of things like “finish my helm tattoo”, “support trail mix”, “get everything out of mom’s house” (ha ha ha, I have moved a lot in the last few years, don’t judge me). These are things I actually WANT to do, and things I actually HOPE to do. Things that I can check off and say, ‘heck yes, mission accomplished’. One particular thing that has been on my list for the last THREE YEARS has been to skinny dip. This is something that I giggle nervously when we talk about it, and hope one day to cast modesty to the waves and jump on in.

So, back to beautiful cabin on the lake on a sunny spring day.

The birds were chirping, the swans were cruising the shoreline on the other bank, and I was in good company. My ‘day girl’, as I refer to my best friend Tamsen, is my adventure soul mate. She is always ready, always prepared, medically trained, always keeps her cool, and always ready to see what is over the next mountain. I love that woman so much. *insert Dr Evil* She completes me. Fun fact, Tamsen is also not very attached to her clothes. Which makes skinny dipping a usual summer thing. On the dock, our clothes come off, a few pictures are snapped, and then into the water we go. As a marine bio contract diver, Tamsen’s logic is that the lake is actually warmer than the ocean right now, so really we are skinny dipping in the warmer water. Albeit the dark murky water with a squishy bottom. I refused to touch the bottom, and after we swam back to the dock, we get out, towel dried off, and surprisingly never get a goose bump. Just another day for Tamsen, but a bucket list item checked off, after three years.


This photo got a flack on facebook, but I still maintain that there is nothing actually ‘inappropriate’ about this picture. No side boob, no round butt cheeks, no sensuality, no Photoshop, and basically no butt crack either as all 155 pounds of me crushes my little butt beneath me. Some people were mortified, others couldn’t care less. One friend did express concern though for our little tender butts in relation to possible splinters, but the dock was plastic, so nothing to worry about. And I would like to point out, that you actually see the same amount of my back that you see of his back, but I guess people just go imagining things they don’t see, and work themselves into a fit for nothing.

That weekend of camping was quickly followed up with a Mother’s Day hike up Eaglecrest ski area to the top of Ptarmigan lift. The snow is a good ways up there, and finally very little post holing. There is basically nothing I hate more than post holing. Kiska enjoyed taking herself sledding as she does, but the snow was too soft for us to go glissading. Bummer. But that did keep Kiska from having a melt down as we sled past her and she chases us down the mountain causing temporary deafness in my ear as she scolds me like a crazy person. Love that dog.


At the top of Ptarmigan, I looked over to Cropley Lake to see what the current condition is, and the lake still has snow and ice, but the surrounding area looks pretty snow free. There was some evidence of small avalanches in the West Bowl, and I didn’t see a lot of tracks heading out the ridge. But I think people have been cutting above Black Bear to get to the ridge. Maybe in a week or two I will head out there to see what is going on and what the conditions are. There is a wonderful spot out there I want to camp this summer, and I have no aversion to camping on snow. Keeps the beer cold.


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