Eaglecrest Ridge Hike 8-3-2013

  • Dry trail.
  • Very few bugs.
  • No snow we had to cross.
  • No bear sing.

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The forecast said that the clouds would be moving in, so we didn’t want to go up a summit where we would be stuck in the clouds. So, we headed up Eaglecrest and headed out the ridge. The road was super dry, which actually made it seem to slide more as we walked down. It wasn’t as hot as it has been, so that was very much appreciated. Instead of heading up to the top of Ptarmigan, we decided to go to the top of Black Bear Chair and hike out the ridge from there.

We passed quite a few lakes along the way, and where we stopped there was one that looked deep enough to swim. So, we all hopped in and swam around for a few. The bottom was soft clay, and it was pretty gross when it squished between your toes. Because it wasn’t too deep, it was actually very warm.

Yesterday was two ‘firsts’ for me: I had never been out the ridge up Eaglecrest, and I had never been swimming in an alpine lake before. It was awesome.


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