Salmon Creek Dam Trail

Past Hikes:

1 hr 20 min hike on June 27, 2013

Distance to powerhouse and back: about 4 mi. Round trip time: 1.5 hour


Trail start:

Google Map of trails

Trail starts in parking lot, across from DIPAC. You have to be on Egan heading to the valley to make the right hand turn.

Trail info:

The first quarter mile is steep uphill, but after than it’s mostly flat. On gravel roads until the powerhouse.

The start looks bad, but it doesn’t last long.

IMAG0343 IMAG0344

The road is wide enough for most pickups, with flowers and bushes on the sides.


The trail crosses the river, and follows along it for a ways.



There is a bit of a lake before the powerhouse. Lots of dead trees in it, and it’s usually calm, with good reflections.


The end of the road is at the powerhouse, but you can continue up through the woods to the dam itself.


The trail continues into the trees for a bit. The trail is clear and easy to follow. Near the dam, stairs finish the climb to the lookout.



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