Peterson Lake Cabin Trial

Past Hikes:

July 17, 2013

Distance: about 4.5 mi. Round trip time: 4 to 5 hours

Trail start:

Google Map of trails

Trail info:

Mostly boardwalk and dirt trial. There are a few muddy spots. The wood can be pretty slick when it’s wet. It ends at a beautiful cabin on the lake, but it is smaller than most other cabins. There is a boat there, so on nice days you can take it out. There is also a nice out house.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 214

At the very start.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 215

There is shot rock along the first bit, then some smaller gravel, then just dirt and board walk.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 245

In the woods the trail is still pretty clear, but some of the dead skunk cabbage on the wood makes it pretty slick. So look out.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 266

A view along the trial.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 267

One of the few muddy spots.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 261

There are only a few bridges.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 253

The ‘nice bridge’.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 315

A cool spot along the river.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 278

All the Lilly pads along the shore line.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 290

The boat ramp.

Mt Juneau, Peterson 298

The cabin is small, but really nice. There are life jackets here for the boat on the lake.


Mt Juneau, Peterson 329

Kiska found a toad.


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