Perseverance Trail

Past Hikes:

2hr 15 min hike on June 26, 2013

Distance: about 6.36 mi. Round trip time: 2 to 4 hours


Google Map of trails

There are two ‘starts’ of the Perseverance trail. The first one is a wide spot in the road, with the trail sloping up on the left. This will add less than a mile one-way to the Perseverance trail. The other and more official start is at the end of the road, and where the old mine shaft is. There is the sign and the map of the area. There are also doggy bags and a trash can with plenty of parking.


It starts at an old mine shaft, so there is a constant cold breeze that comes out. It winds along the river, so there are several places where the cold rushing water makes a nice breeze. I do have to stay vigilant with Kiska, as the river is always rushing and a dog (or person) could easily be swept down stream to their death. There are a few little streams that go under small bridges, but there aren’t a lot of places that are good for watering dogs. I bring extra water and her rubber collapsible water bowl just in case.

As the trail gently climbs through the valley, there are several trails that branch off, including Mt Juneau, Granite Creek, and the mine trails. Some people will go up Mt Juneau, then hike the ridge and come down Perseverance. It is also common for people to go from Sheep Creek to Mt Juneau along the ridge line.


There are bears, goats, and plenty of birds that are seen often on this trial.

Perseverance 024 touched

Found this little guy in the trail all alone. Almost stepped on him, so I put him off to the side in the brush.


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