Herbert Glacier Trail


1hr 15min bike ride on June 30, 2013

Distance: about 8.91 mi. Round trip time: 1 to 3 hours (biking verse walking)


Google Map of trails


This is a very accessible trail. It is gravel, but not technically a maintenance road. This is one of my favorite glacier hikes, and my favorite bike ride in the summer. Because there is so little elevation gain and the gravel trail, this is an awesome bike ride even for folks that don’t go ‘off roading’ but want the experience of riding through the leaves and trees. The trail is pretty wide, but due to the vegetation encroaching on the trial as it grows, it’s a tight fit for two people to bike side-by-side.

Herbert 061

Looking down the trail at people walking towards us. There are a few blind corners, but for the most part it is pretty open.

There are a few ups and downs, and only in two places do I ride my breaks coming down the hill (no pun intended). Just keep in mind, what you coast down, you must peddle up! This is where shifting gears is a life saver.

Herbert 050

The vegetation along the side of the trail is mostly Devil’s Club and Salmon Berry bushes.

Herbert 051

There is a lot of light that comes onto the trial through the canopy.

Herbert 040

The trial goes along the rocks and river near the end. It’s a good idea to walk the bikes here.

Herbert 036

The river, when high, can come up onto the path a little. It’s very rare though. Past the rocks and back in the woods though, there can be standing water on the trail.

We don’t usually go past the flats, but I guess the trial actually goes all the way up the left side of the glacier. We always have dogs, and due to the rushing river, we don’t usually get the close should a dog decide they wanted a drink of water.

A comparison of the river:

The river in 2010, you can see how far we could walk out onto the sand, and how narrow the river was.

Herbert 013

The same tree now in 2013. The river now comes right along the rest area, and it’s way too wide to cross.


I have seen a lot of bear sign on this trial, but I have never seen the bear… Given all the berry bushes, I’m sure that Yogi is out there. He probably sees us even though we don’t see him.


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