Eaglecrest Trail

Past Hikes:

1 hr 40 min hike on June 27, 2013

Distance: about 4.5 mi. Round trip time: 1.5 to 2 hours


Trail start:

Google Map of trails

Trail info:

If you are looking for a cardio workout that isn’t in the gym, then the maintenance road up to the Ptarmigan lift at Eaglecrest is the hike for you! It is a pretty steep hike (imagine the first 1/4 mile of Salmon Creek, but for 4.50 miles round trip). If you can make it to the top, the views are so worth the sweat and swearing to get you there! You aren’t quite on the ridgeline, but the lift is basically at the top of the front of the mountain, then you can just walk towards the back side of Douglas and walk along the ridge. It is very popular for back-country skiers and snowboarders to hike the ridge in the winter. From the top, you can see a lot of Juneau, and Admiralty Island the other direction. You also look down on Croply Lake, which is another trail that starts at the parking lot at Eaglecrest.


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