Du Pont Trail

Past Hikes:

July 10, 2013

Distance: about 4 mi. Round trip time: 1 to 2 hours

Trail start:

Google Map of trails

Trail info:

This is a quintessential Juneau trail: it winds through the woods along the shoreline, with a few muskeg-ish parts including plenty of skunk cabbage and ends at the beach. There are a few stretches of boardwalk, and a few large rocks to get over. My friends Newfoundland won’t go over the one large rock, so they always have to push him up and over. So if your dog hates rocks, then there may come a point in the trail where you will need to be prepared to heave their furry little behinds up and over. But honestly, the rock is not bad at all.

There are plenty of little creeks that run down and across the trail. For the most part there are bridges over them, but there are a few creeks that aren’t really big enough to justify putting in a bridge. But know that if it rained a lot, they may be more substantial, though no bridge. There are roots and rocks in the trail pretty much the whole way, so this is not wheelchair accessible, and I wouldn’t really bike it. I know some people that run this trial, and it is amazing for your eye-foot coordination. This is a very mentally engaging trail, as you really need to keep an eye on where you are going. Though it’s hard when there is such beauty around you, I look up as much as possible on this trail. 

When you get to the beach, there is one steep part down to the sand. If it was really wet out I could see this being a slipping hazard, but for the most part you should be fine.  Once you are at the beach, there is plenty of space to stretch out and explore. There are also some laying logs that would make nice places to sit. There is a stream that comes out and I don’t know if there are fish in there or not. There is a very nice view of Point Marmein and down to Grand Island. In the summer fishing vessels will work the area, so you have your classic Alaskan view: a beautiful beach with a  stream, fishing vessels, islands and navigational aids. It really doesn’t get better than this.


Saw some deer tracks, but it was too dark in the woods to get a good picture of the tracks.

Du Pont 008

 This is what most of the trail looks like. Beautiful.

Du Pont 013

 There are several bridges, and this one seems rather quaint.

Du Pont 017

 There are several creeks that cross the trail.

Du Pont 032

One of the few muddy spots. Look for the rocks in the mud and you should be able to get across without getting wet. 

Du Pont 027

There are a few stretches of boardwalk over some muddy spots. 

Du Pont 038

When you get to the beach.

Du Pont 047

When you get to the beach, there are some trees that would make a nice place to sit off the sand and slightly in the shade.

Du Pont 041

  There is a fishing boat out in the cove. There is a beautiful view from the beach.


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