Some Stuff About Us

Ptarmagin Lift 020 - Copy

My name is Courtney and I am lucky enough to live in this amazing place, Juneau, Alaska. I have lived here my whole life, and after graduating from University of Alaska Southeast with my English (Literature of the Environment) degree, I got a job working for the State of Alaska. I adopted my ‘fur baby’ Kiska from the Haines Animal Rescue Kennel (HARK) and now have a permanent adventure buddy. And that’s basically what this blog is about – adventuring! I live in such a beautiful place, even when it rains!

I am torn, in that I want to put my ‘good’ pictures up here, but knowing that the internet is rife with people who like to right-click copy and paste pictures, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I am looking at other photo-blogs to see how they do it, and maybe I will at some point. As, that is the point of this blog. But, until then, you can see my pictures at Lovely Forms.

I was born in 1988 (making me 25 at the time I’m writing this), and weight about 160 pounds. I have a bum left knee (a cyst in the middle of my knee joint where my meniscus *almost* ripped in half, scarring on my ACL, and my patella doesn’t track straight so it grinds over my joint), and my hips muscles on my left side aren’t really pulling their weight so when they get tired my IT band over compensates and further pulls my left knee out of alignment. But hey, that’s what PT is for. So I’m not without my own ailments. But that’s doesn’t stop me from getting out there. In some pictures you may see my Kinesio Tape on my knee, and that just helps keep my knee cap lined up when I walk up hill and suffer down hill. I recommend a good chiropractor or PT to help you with K-Tape, but it is the only reason I can hike, run, bike and walk with Kiska and not be chowing down on Advil every day. Really, it’s pretty much magic.

Kiska with leaf on nose

Kiska was born 5/4/2012. She is a lab/pointer/springer/thing. If she had a name tag it would say “Hi, my name is obnoxious when not tired“. I wanted an adventure buddy, and boy did I get one! But she is good for me, and we have a crazy good time. She is a water dog, so she loves to jump in puddles, rivers, and dare I say muskeg holes. *heavy sigh* But, that is one of the joys of owning a dog – bath time. The ladies I work with say that I am going to hike her little feet to nubbins, but I think they have it the other way around, actually.

Perseverance 056 touched

Matthew is an amazing older brother. He spent many years in the service after high school, and is now furthering his education in Washington. After serving for many years, he is choosing to take the summers off and use up all those weekends he didn’t get. So, he’s a perfect adventure buddy as he is ‘fun-employed’ as we like to say. He still has his summer projects that he works on for school, but he is usually up for any adventure. Plus, mom likes it that I’m not hiking alone anymore. Matthew is an ‘administrator’ on this page, so he will also post here. If you are ever unsure who posted it, just count how many pictures Kiska is in. 😉 For the most part, we will be hiking together, but Matt is better at the programming behind the scenes. So, if it looks cool, he probably did it.


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